Tell Your Time eBook by Blogging with Amy

As I have gone through this blog update process there have been a few people I could not have accomplished this monumental task without.  One of them is Amy at Blogging with Amy.  Her tutorials on do it yourself blogging have been sent from the heavens above!  I had been following her blog for some time because I enjoyed her content as a beginner blogger.  But without a user friendly theme platform I did not try any of her tips and techniques until the past few weeks.  She makes it look so simple, even for someone as technologically ignorant as myself.

Imagine my delight when she came out with an ebook on time management…because I am a Type A Organizational Junkie.  They should create a support group for people like me.  That’s how anal I am about it!  I have a great grasp on how to manage my life in all areas except one, throwing my blogging in the mix of everything else.  I have struggled with this for months.

After the blog makeover was complete I immediately purchased the ebook and read it.  I have started implementing some of her time organization strategies to this corner of my life.  And guess what?  It’s helping!!  I am blogging more, nothing is getting left behind and as far as I can tell, nothing is falling apart yet.  The only thing still wrong is my brain freezes when I get overloaded!  And I have started using ginkgo biloba for that, but that’s another story.

If you are in need of some time management assistance-what working adult isn’t?-then this is the bookfor you!

Click the link below to purchase your copy today!

Click here to visit Amy Lynn Andrews.

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out, April. I’m so glad the book was helpful!!

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