Homeschool Shopping Deals

I ran into Dollar General this afternoon to grab some cheap laundry detergent to wash some outdoor things and extra blankets.  When I walked in the front door I was met with a homeschooler’s clearance DREAM!  Not pictured is 13 packs of loose leaf, wide ruled paper all for .25/each.

In two weeks I will begin homeschooling one of my three nephews and my niece.  My sister and her family are moving into my same town!!  I will have almost all of my babies near me on a day to day basis now.  In the meantime, I was in need of serious curriculum supplements.  I have all the resources I need for the traditional stuff.  But these few ‘fun’ things at DG were found just in time.

Shown above are Sesame Street Colors with Elmo, 2 packs of construction paper, Advanced learning with Hannah Montana:  Reading, Writing & Math, Disney Princess Addition & Subtraction, Disney Princess Spelling, Crayola Squiggles & Doodles Workbook, Disney Camp Rock Advanced Learning:  Reading, Writing & Math, Life Animals Picture Puzzles, Amazing Puzzles Picture Perfect Puzzles, and a Dinosaur Crust or Cookie Cutter.

And two bonuses were a Disney Princess baton for .25 and 3 activity books for all three of my nephews that were only .25/each too.  I also got several other different and fun activity books just to have, too.  I spent a total of $18 on everything including the laundry detergent and 13 missing paper packs.

What was your favorite homeschool curriculum deal you scored this year?

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  1. Thanks for the post! I love saving on things other than groceries!

    • Thank you! I am gong to try to do more of that. I am writing a post today about how to save on your cell phone service :) I got a great deal today on that, too!

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