Turkey Meatball Bake

Most of you know I am on a mission to eat healthy AND affordably.  This dish did not disappoint.  I was excited when Armor meatballs were on the mega event a few weeks ago at Kroger and got 6 bags of them.  We were wanting something Italian one day and this is what I threw together.  The meatballs were .99, carrots were .25, onions were .22, tomatoes were .90, pasta was free, cheese was $1.90, and the kale (not shown below) was .30.

All the ingredients made three casserole dishes full!  I cut the meatballs in half to make them go further.

Here is a pretty up close shot.  Doesn’t it look delicious and juicy?!?!  I chopped the mozzarella in small cubes instead of shredding it, and then mixed the cubes in so you would get gooey cheesy bites throughout as we ate the pasta.

As a final touch, I added what was left in the bottom of a garlic & butter crouton bag to the top as a bread crumb topping.  Then I baked it on 350 until hot and bubbly.

The total cost for this dish is approximately $4.56 for 12 servings or .38/serving.  After we ate dinner I portioned up all the leftovers into appropriate containers to freeze for another day.  I froze six servings and left four in the refrigerator for the next few days to have for quick meals.  We just loved it and didn’t get tired of it before it was all gone!

Do you have any good meatball recipes?

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