CSA Baskets 101: First Season Pick Up

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING makes me happier than fresh, organic produce from my CSA Madison Creek Farms.  The people there are like my family.  So it’s not just healthy, delicious food that nourishes your body, it nourishes the soul.  I know the hearts behind the people who help bring this to us so generously, I know their hard working hands that tend the fields to diligently, and I know the  imprint left on my soul grows deeper each time I get to visit and just be in the presence of that little spot of Heaven on Earth.

This morning I found myself restless and unable to go back to sleep at 4 a.m.  After my devotional I decided to be productive.  I figured it was time to clean and put away everything from my first basket pick up Sunday afternoon.  We were blessed with asparagus, spinach, buttercrunch lettuce, spring onions, mint, cilantro, and parsley.

The herbs are all drying on the kitchen table.  The lettuce is now part of a salad I am having for lunch today at work.  The asparagus is in the freezer waiting to be made into sesame noodle stir fry for the 15 year old.  The onions are also cleaned, chopped and tucked away in the freezer.  But some of the onions and all of the spinach made their way into my breakfast this morning, a Greek omelet and toast with honey.

Saute spinach and garlic until wilted.

Add two scrambled eggs.

Flip and add feta cheese.


Don’t be afraid to get creative and try new things with a CSA basket.  And PLEASE, don’t throw things away!  I implore you, be curious and figure out a way to make every last bit of what’s in that basket nourish your family.  For example, After I finished going through everything, all I threw away was some dead leaves.  Virtually everything in that basket can be used/consumed.  The onions, after a thorough cleaning, all of the trimmings you can keep for making broth/stock.  You can use the ends of the asparagus you trim to make cream of asparagus soup.  And the ends of the onions and lettuce can be replanted to grow more vegetables at home.  I have done this, it does work I assure you!

If you are curious about other things you can do with items from your baskets you might want to check out my ebook, Don’t Compost It, Cook It: How to Make the Most Out of Nothing in the Kitchen.  It teaches you all about how to use everything to its’ fullest for maximum value and health for your family.

What have you made with ingredients in your CSA basket?

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