4 07, 2015

Thank God I’m A Country Girl

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John Denver’s song Thank God I’m A Country Boy kept playing in my head today. Between the bigger back yard garden and the new Lewis Chicks, it’s been an interesting afternoon around the ol’ homestead.  I’ve learned a few things. Like….

You should stay on top of your allergy meds when you are going to be […]

21 06, 2015

Father’s Day

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Today is a special day for most families to honor the dad’s in their lives.  For some, it’s about honoring the male role models in their lives instead of their actual father.  A lot of you have hopefully had the opportunity to grow up with your dad full time.  Some of us only got to […]

12 11, 2014

DIY Family Safety Series Part 2

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We don’t want to even think about what could happen to our children or anyone in our family.  That being said, we also cannot live naively and not prepare to protect ourselves and our children.  Part two of our family safety series will focus on personal safety in regards to physical attacks on our persons […]

10 11, 2014

DIY Family Safety Series Part 1

By |November 10th, 2014|DIY, Family|5 Comments

Ever get that unexplained feeling that you’re not alone?  All it takes is one look at a newspaper or the local evening news to make anyone scared to leave their house.  As a single mom I can’t tell you the number of times I have worried if that car was really following us, or if […]

26 06, 2014

13.2POUNDS: Home-Birthing Guide

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My friend, Dana, is a real woman.  Not only did she have natural child birth, but she had an unassisted home birth to a 13.2lb angel.  I know there are lots of opinions on the home birth issue.  I personally don’t know if I could do it.  I had health issues during my pregnancy that […]

20 03, 2012

Foji’s Indian Chicken

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Some of you may not know, but my ex husband is Indian, from India not American Indian.  For years I have enjoy cuisine.  I am grateful I was able to learn how to cook a little bit of Indian food from my ex’s family.  My son loves when I cook it for him at home.  […]

5 10, 2011

Take Pictures Like a Pro

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Have you been to get family portraits made lately?  Then I don’t have to tell you how ridiculously expensive they are!  And I know you have seen one of those fancy looking cameras around someone’s neck on your last vacation, right?

Well all my budget can afford is pictures I take myself with my little Kodak […]

24 09, 2011

Homeschool Shopping Deals

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I ran into Dollar General this afternoon to grab some cheap laundry detergent to wash some outdoor things and extra blankets.  When I walked in the front door I was met with a homeschooler’s clearance DREAM!  Not pictured is 13 packs of loose leaf, wide ruled paper all for .25/each.

In two weeks I will begin […]

17 09, 2011

Fifteen Years Like a Handful of Yesterdays…

By |September 17th, 2011|Faith, Family|7 Comments

And today the 14 year old becomes a 15 year old.  Where has the time gone?  He’s been studying for his driver’s permit.  But I can remember when….
I prayed and prayed I was having a boy.  I was afraid of dealing with girl drama.  When the ultra sound tech confirmed my wish, I cried.  I […]

9 09, 2011

Third Wish Photo Fundraising Service

By |September 9th, 2011|Family|2 Comments

See I have this friend, Dana, who is hands down one of the most talented mommas around.  She can write in a style that will leave you wanting more every time.  And the pictures she takes are truly inspired!  I am so glad she’s my friend.  Her story is different from alot of moms I […]