13 01, 2013

Get Cheaper Vitamins and Supplements

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Every year for the past three years at the end of December through the middle of January Publix has a Green Advantage Flyer Coupon for Sundown Vitamins saving $5/2 bottles of vitamins and supplements.  So far every year there has also been a $2/1 any Sundown Vitamin manufacturer coupon out at the same time.

I currently […]

28 01, 2012

Make Money Online: Blogging Version Part 1

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If you have ever thought about starting a blog, or are already on the blogging bandwagon, here are some companies  you need to check out.

1.Bzz Agent  is a company that lets bloggers review products and create circles of influence.  I have been sent several free products through them.  You write a review on your blog.  […]

28 10, 2011


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25 10, 2011


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If you haven’t heard of Swagbucks yet, here is one of the best things you will learn online.  You know every time you get on this computer and search around for things, google search, bing search, whatever you use to search for websites, blogs, information, answers to questions, businesses you need to find…whatever it is […]

1 03, 2011

6+ Easy Ways to Make Extra $$ Online

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The past few years have been tough on everyone financially, especially those with only one household income.  Lately I have been fortunate with the blessing of coupon shopping helping my little family tremendously.  This couponing thing has opened up doors I would never have imagined:  blogging, affiliate income, saving money on more than groceries, great […]

29 10, 2010

Affiliate Opportunities

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For those of you with new blogs that would like to earn a little $Cha Ching$, I have had great success with the Escalate Media Network.  They have a huge selection of companies to choose from and a great variety of sizes and shapes of banners to apply to your blog.  If you are interested […]

2 09, 2010

Time Management-Finding Time to Coupon

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How do I manage to find enough time for work, my child and his activities, household responsibilities, personal goal fulfillment and God forbid-ME time?  Throw in homeschooling, college classes, blogging and couponing and any semblance of a sane, peaceful life would appear to be out the window, right?  Not exactly….There are a few things I’ve […]

5 08, 2010

Become a ChaCha Guide and Earn $$

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I work as a ChaCha Guide and they are recruiting for new Guides.  ChaCha has answered over half a billion questions for people on the go, all for free.  And, ChaCha.com is in the top 100 most visited websites in the U.S.  You can earn some extra cash by answering questions about things you are […]

21 06, 2010

Budget: Vacation Planning, Part I

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Budget:  Vacation Planning, Part I

Realistically money can only go so far and it doesn’t grow on trees.  There are a few items that a splurge would not be a bad idea and in some cases may be recommended or necessary.

A good hotel
A great room with a balcony and view
Dinner at a fine restaurant at least […]

17 06, 2010

Annual Shopping Savings Tracker 2010

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Annual Shopping Savings Tracker 

Shopping Savings Tracker: This is a spreadsheet to track how much you are saving over the course of time. This chart is for 2010. Simply add the amount you spent in Column B-Spent, and the amount you saved in Column C-Savings, and the rest of the columns have built in formulas and will […]