Freezer Cooking

This past week I have done some batch freezer cooking every time I’ve been in the kitchen.  Recipes I’ve put away are 6 breakfast burritos, 18 beef and bean burritos, and 6 chicken verde taquitos.  Plus, I pre-chopped 5 pounds of onions, 6 bell peppers, and 3 zucchini for the freezer.  Here are the recipes if you are interested.

Breakfast burritos:  7 whole wheat flour 6″ tortillas, 14 eggs-scrambled, 14 turkey sausage links-chopped, 1 box of frozen spinach-sqeezed completely dry, and 1 cup of any kind of cheese you like.

I did not season the scrambled eggs.  I try to use very little sodium.  Plus, I used pepper jack cheese which is full of flavor.  I mixed all the ingredients together then scooped approximately 1/2 cup onto each tortilla shell and rolled up.

Tip:  These are decent sized breakfast burritos, not huge, but decent.  You can cut these in half with a serrated bread knife before you microwave it and just eat half with a piece of fruit yogurt and coffee and have a very filling, nutritious breakfast and make the burritos last longer.

Beaf and Bean Burritos:  8 inch flour tortillas, 1 lb of fajita seasoned ground beef with onions and peppers, 1 cup chopped zucchini, 1 bag of birdseye southwestern seasoned rice-or 2 cups of any rice your have that is precooked, 1 bag of black beans-2 cups-cooked from scratch, 1 cup of cheese, and 1 can of diced tomatoes.

I always cook my beans from scratch to control the sodium and seasonings.  To reduce gas and stomach upset, I recommend the quick soak method on the back of most dry bean bags.  It has worked every time I make a pot of beans.  For these black beans I added light salt, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder and chili powder, not much because the meat has fajita seasoning.  When the beans are finished I completely drain them.  I just browned the ground beef and drained it.  Then in the same pan I sauteed the onions, peppers and zucchini.  I saute separately so the grease from the beef doesn’t absorb into the vegetables.  Mix together all ingredients in a large bowl.  Lay out each tortilla shell and scoop approximately 3/4 cup of the mixture onto the shell.  Fold over one side of the shell to cover the bean mixture, then fold in the ends, then roll the shell on over and close it up.  This makes a sort of pocket burrito with a square shape.

Tip:  I plan on serving these with a guaca salad and fruit for a nutritious, quick lunch.

Chicken Verde Taquitos:  6 whole wheat tortilla shells, 2 cans chicken breast meat-drained, 1 box frozen spinach-completely squeezed dry, 1 package cream cheese, and 1 can of diced green chiles.

Mix together all ingredients.  Scoop approximately 1/2 cup of mixture onto tortilla and form into a thin, long strip.  Tightly roll up tortilla and place in freezer bag.

Tip:  I plan on baking these on my pizza stone and spraying with smart balance cooking spray.  This will save calories by not frying them in grease as is the traditional preparation but  not sacrifice any of the brown crispy goodness.  I will also be serving these with guaca salad.

What are recipes you use for freezer/batch cooking?

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If you haven’t heard of Swagbucks yet, here is one of the best things you will learn online.  You know every time you get on this computer and search around for things, google search, bing search, whatever you use to search for websites, blogs, information, answers to questions, businesses you need to find…whatever it is you are looking for, when you search for it, you can be earning $$.

Swagbucks is an online application that allows you to earn ‘swagbucks’ whenever you are looking for something online.  As your ‘bucks’ accumulate, you can redeem them for free stuff!  You can get cold, hard cash straight into your PayPal account, you can get gift cards, or you can get merchandise.

The best use of my swagbucks has to be Amazon cards, hands down.  Amazon cards require the least amount of bucks for a trade in, 450 swagbucks for a $5 Amazon egift card.  Obviously,  you can use this gift card to buy anything on Amazon.  I have earned a total of 6,157 swagbucks since last fall.  I have redeemed this for six $5 Amazon egift cards and  4 $5 PayPal deposits.

PLUS you can earn referral credit.  For every friend I refer I earn point for point what they earn up to their first 1,000 points!  So all of my family and friends, and anyone else who loves reading my blog, please use my referral link and start earning today with Swagbucks!

Is anyone already using Swagbucks or are you going to start using Swagbucks now?

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6+ Easy Ways to Make Extra $$ Online

The past few years have been tough on everyone financially, especially those with only one household income.  Lately I have been fortunate with the blessing of coupon shopping helping my little family tremendously.  This couponing thing has opened up doors I would never have imagined:  blogging, affiliate income, saving money on more than groceries, great new friends and connections, and most surprising of all is learning about tons of new things other than couponing!  I owe all my recent financial opportunities in one way or another to coupon shopping :)

I have a few friends, family members and other moms who are struggling with some financial issues, big and small.  I have been using myself as a test market researcher to find out the worthy money making opportunities online you can use to earn some extra income or replace some lost income.  Here is what I have found:

1. Sponsored Tweets-This is an app you allow to post tweets to your Twitter page.  My sister in law didn’t even have a Twitter page but signed up for one to use this opportunity and she has been making money on it, too.  Granted, the amount of money is small!  But every penny counts :)  I have earned a few bucks in a couple months.  You get paid to Tweet and you get paid for referrals.  You can put an ad on your website or blog and when people sign up, $CHACHING$

No posts are tweeted without your approval.  This app does not give them free reign with your account.  It is totally legit and trustworthy!  If you are interested in learning more or signing up go here: Sponsored Tweets.

2.  My Likes-This is similar to Sponsored Tweets.  Except they post to your Facebook page and your Twitter page.  Again, you control the ads and the verbiage and whether or not they are permitted to post.  You can even schedule the time the post will run.  You also get paid by ad, click and referral.  I have only been using this a few weeks and already have a few bucks.  If you are interested in learning more or signing up for this go here:  MyLikes.

3.  Swagbucks-One of the BEST and easy ways to earn free stuff and $$ online is Swagbucks!  Since last October I have earned $20 in PayPal deposits and $10 in Amazon eGift Cards.  You install their web tool bar and it tracks where you go on the internet and you earn points.  You actually make money by doing the normal internet surfing you would do anyway!  These points are traded in for PayPal deposits, Amazon eGift Cards, merchandise of all kinds and other eGift Cards, too.  Plus, if you refer someone and they sign up and start using, you earn the same amount of points they do for their surfing up to a certain amount!!  If you are interested in this opportunity and want to learn more or sign up go here:  Swagbucks.

4.  MySurvey Messenger-I know what you are thinking…online surveys.  We have all been fooled by survey sites and end up being like spam and you never make any money!  I have been using this one for about five years now.  About every 3-6 months, I earn enough points for a $10 check to be mailed to me. They used to have referral credit but have temporarily stopped doing that.  The link is still up and when you click on it there is a message that says referrals will be available shortly.

Now, your demographic information will determine how many surveys you get sent.  So if you have lots of medical issues, own pets, have small kids and large kids, etc, these will all increase  your probability for more frequent surveys.  They even have a download for a little start up bar app where you get instant notifications when you have a new survey available to take and you get points for downloading.  It does not monitor web usage.  If you are interested in learning more or signing up, go here:  MySurvey.

5.  YouData-This one is really easy.  You just watch and click on a one second ad and get .03-.06 per click.  I made $1.31 last month and I only logged in and did this one time :)  So it’s another slow accumulation but still :)  Every penny counts, right?  And it only takes literally seconds to get these pennies!  You also download a little app to your computer to use and get notifications when there is an ad to watch.  You can also earn referral points.  If you are interested in learning more or signing up, go here:  YouData.

6.  PineCone Research-This is a great online survey company site.  I make more money on this survey site than any other.  It is legit and is not a spam online survey site, too.  You can trust it.  I have made $30 since last October with this site.  Every time I complete a survey, they deposit $3 in my PayPal account.  You can also earn referral credit.  To use me as your referrer, you need my email address for my account.  It is april (dot) patel (at) gmail (dot) com.  If you would like to learn more or sign up, go here:  PineCone Research.

There are a few others that I have known about or signed up for but currently do not use because of time constraints.  They are:  ChaCha-you get paid to answer questions; eBates-you earn cash back as you shop for items online; and IntelliShop-getting paid to do mystery shopping in your area.

This doesn’t even begin to cover the ways you can earn money if you have a blog!  And it also doesn’t count ways to make money Freelance Writing Online.  Stay tuned…..

How do you earn extra income?

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