Design Policies

Payment & Refunds

A downpayment is required for any website or blog design. The downpayment is required before the project is placed in my design schedule. This downpayment is non-refundable unless I need to cancel the project myself.

Payment for any other project, from individual graphics to web services, is due when I actually begin the project.

Design Schedule

After your project is accepted, and downpayment is received, will your project will be placed in my design schedule. At that time I will email you the start date for your project. I will contact you just before your project date arrives to check for any updates on the details before I start work. I fill my design schedule 1-2 weeks at a time.  This is subject to change as total projects in queue vary.

Design Revisions

Each design includes up to three different mockups. After reviewing the first mockup, the client will submit specific feedback, including every change that should be made. If the mockup is not acceptable at all, a second mockup will be sent based on feedback from the first. The same would occur for the third mockup. After three revisions, further charges will apply to complete the project.  The client is expected to communicate his feedback with concrete language and/or examples. Additional changes to the design after final approval will incur further charges.

Project Timeframe

I cannot guarantee that your project will be completed in a specific amount of time, although most design projects are completed within 2 weeks depending on how quickly I receive client feedback and how many revisions are needed. If you have a specific deadline for a project, make sure this is included in your initial contact email with your project scope information.

Design Communication

The preferred methods of communication aresSkype(text chat only with their free service) and email.  Skypeallows us to chat, send and receive files allowing for quick revisions and approvals.  Clients are asked to respond in a timely manner to emails and chats.  Delays in responding will extend the time of the project and possibly interfere with other projects in my design schedule.


All usernames and passwords are kept in the strictest confidentiality, but I encourage clients to change their passwords after the completion of the project.


Copyright for all custom graphics is transferred to the client upon delivery.

Delivery of Files

At the completion of your project, I will deliver the final files for your use, which will be in either pdf, png, or jpg format.


Clients understand that their designs and graphics may be used in my online portfolio.

Acceptance of Terms

By submitting a project scope contact message all clients agree to abide by these terms and conditions, even if they have not read them.


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